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It's a wild ride right now. With the energies as they are it will be your job to create stillness in your life. This means disconnecting from outside negative influences. Turning off the TV, limiting screen time, being extra aware of what you consume. It's time to invest your energy into yourself. It's ok to be selfish with yourself and your time right now. Really focus on the good in your life, spend time in meditation, hydrate and ground as much as possible. Don't take anyone's negativity and attitude personally. Watch how you respond and react to others, no need to snap back. Let it go. And don't forget to check in on your friends that you know struggle with mental health issues, they might be really struggling currently. #myjourneymystory #EnlightenmentJourney #soulgrowthjourney #empoweredliving #blessedandgrateful #reikimaster #RiseUp #initforthelonghaul #timeforchange #wildride #risetogether #nofearjustfaith

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